How to draft an apt abstract?

Being a concise portrayal of the research work, abstract is a decisive factor for the target journal or reader. It encourages people to read and select them for their research work. In order to write an attractive yet simple abstract, one has to first read the main text several times to mentally absorb and retain the whole research work and draft a content that encapsulates the research concisely. It should illustrate the background and the purpose of the research work, followed by the methodology of the research, the result, finally the conclusion part. These sentences should grab the reader’s attention and create an inquisitiveness to read in greater depth. Besides text, scientific journals also publish graphical abstracts, which is a single, concise, pictorial and visual summary of the main findings of the article. Regardless of the type of the abstract, it is an essential part of your manuscript that persuades editors, reviewers, and other researchers to absorb your research in detail.

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