Island = the island/isle of + name: ‘The holiday resort island of Langkawi’, ‘The Isle of Skye’. ‘I was on holiday with my parents on the island of Capri.’

When island means ‘a mass of land surrounded by water’, or is part of a name, the usual preposition is on (NOT in): ‘The prisoners were left on a small island with neither food nor drinking water.’

When an island is considered in terms of its people, tradition, and economy etc., both in or on are used: ‘No serious outbreak of cholera has been reported in the island for over twenty years.’


Use be careful when you want someone to pay special attention to something so that they do not have an accident, make a mistake, or do something that will cause damage: ‘Be careful! You’re about to spill your coffee.’ ‘you should be careful about what you say to her. She is easily offended.’

Appropriate – English editing.

Appropriate = suitable in a particular situation: ‘Once we know more about the cause of the problem, we can take appropriate action.’ ‘To offer them more money at this stage would not be appropriate.’

Appropriate and suitable have similar meanings and are sometimes interchangeable: ‘We’re still waiting for a suitable/an appropriate moment to break the news to them.’ When you mean ‘having the necessary qualities, skills etc, the usual word is suitable: ‘The hotel isn’t suitable for families with children.’

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Sentence Structures – English editing.

The old structures are revised in the passage. But the new sentence structures are not explained and made easy to follow. These are an addition to his sentence structures and along with new words already added to his vocabulary improve his grammar and usage in English.
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