Professor Li Tang’s groundbreaking research enhances CAR-T cell therapy by introducing a new dimension to target solid tumors. Co-founding Leman Biotech with Yugang Guo, Tang’s bioengineered CAR-T cells excrete the IL-10 molecule, traditionally seen as an immune suppressant. Rather than inhibiting the immune response, this innovation reinforces metabolic capabilities, addressing the challenge of CAR-T cells wearing out in solid tumors.

The modified cells, equipped with Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs), produce their own medicine to thrive in hostile tumor environments. Metabolically armored treatments immediately act on existing tumors and prevent future malignancies. Remarkably, even after reintroducing tumor cells into mouse models, no malignancy was observed, highlighting lasting efficacy.

Leman Biotech aims to commercialize this promising treatment, attracting substantial financial backing. Unlike current CAR-T therapies, which can cost over $500k per treatment, Tang’s approach could significantly lower costs, requiring only five percent of the traditional dose. The technology allows faster, less expensive production, with a small amount of patient blood providing enough cells for CAR-T therapy.

Tang’s team, in collaboration with Leman Biotech, is actively working towards making this innovative and cost-effective treatment widely accessible. This groundbreaking research presents a potential paradigm shift in cancer treatment, with implications for both efficacy and affordability.

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