Beyond Green: The Kaleidoscope of BoPQL2 Genetics!

Scientists focused on the ornamental trait of leaf color in ornamental kale, a significant feature of its aesthetic appeal. They identified the BoPQL2 gene as differentially expressed between white and green leaf tissues in ornamental kale. By cloning the BoPQL2 gene from two different kale varieties with distinct leaf colors, they discovered five SNPs, leading to four amino acid substitutions. To understand the gene’s function, they utilized CRISPR technology to create BoPQL2-deficient mutants in one kale variety. When exposed to low temperatures, the mutants displayed fully white inner leaves without green margins. This study reveals those mutations in the BoPQL2 gene increase sensitivity to low temperatures in ornamental kale, affecting leaf margin coloration. Consequently, this research provides a foundation for enhancing ornamental kale varieties through targeted editing of the BoPQL2 gene.

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