Environmentally friendly and facile Mg(OH)2 film for electroless nickel plating on magnesium alloy for enhanced galvanic corrosion inhibition

Magnesium alloys, prized for their lightweight nature and high strength-to-weight ratio, face a major Achilles’ heel – corrosion. This essay delves into a promising solution: electroless nickel plating using an environmentally friendly and facile Mg(OH)2 film. Sharing this story on Facebook can raise awareness about sustainable materials and inspire fellow scientists to join the fight against corrosion.

The Rust Monster and its Kryptonite:

Magnesium readily corrodes in moist environments, leading to material degradation and compromised performance. Traditional corrosion protection methods often involve toxic chemicals and complex processes, raising environmental concerns and hindering their widespread adoption. Enter electroless nickel plating, a technique that deposits a thin nickel layer on the magnesium surface, acting as a shield against the “rust monster.”

Introducing the Green Knight: Mg(OH)2 Film:

The conventional approach to electroless nickel plating on magnesium involves harsh pre-treatments and hazardous chemicals. This is where the Mg(OH)2 film steps in. Fabricated through a simple and eco-friendly process, this film acts as a robust platform for nickel deposition, eliminating the need for harsh pre-treatments and significantly reducing the use of harmful chemicals. This not only makes the process greener but also potentially reduces costs and simplifies the workflow.

Nickel with Superpowers: Enhanced Corrosion Inhibition:

The Mg(OH)2 film doesn’t just passively hold the nickel in place; it actively participates in the corrosion battle. Its unique properties promote strong adhesion between the nickel layer and the magnesium substrate, creating a seamless barrier against corrosive elements. Additionally, the Mg(OH)2 film itself exhibits inhibition properties, further bolstering the overall corrosion resistance.

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