How Do You Write a Research Question?

How Do You Write a Research Question?

Every research intends to teach something; therefore, every research should have a purpose. How do you find that purpose? First, you have to understand what a research question is.

What Is a Research Question?

 A research question is a particular question to which the study is trying to find an answer. This question or problem is answered in the conclusion section by analyzing and interpreting the data available regarding the research.

How Does It Help Your Research?

It serves as the main research problem and aids in clearly outlining a research process path. Significant components of the study are detailed in the research question.

When Should You Frame A Research Question?

You should frame it before giving structure to your research. The design and method of your study are derived from the research question.

Tricks of Writing a Good Research Question

A solid research question can be addressed using already available sources of data and calls for objective solutions. It is an unanswered question in your particular study area since it explores solutions that effectively enrich the corpus of knowledge.

Drafting a research question is an active process that requires repeated revision. When the objectives of your research become more focused, the research question tends to change. Some basic steps can be taken to make the process effortless. However, these steps are subjective and not conclusive.

  1. Pick a broad subject: A broad topic will demand you to do some basic research before you land at your research question. It will be beneficial for you to choose a subject of your interest as you will be devoting a great deal of time to it.
  2. Review the available literature on the subject: This review is necessary as it will inform you about the research being done in your selected subject area. It will also highlight any potential gaps in the existing literature that could point the way for future research.
  3. Narrow it down to some potential research questions: Make a list of possible research questions. You can use the gaps you identified in the prior stage, or you can try to expand upon or dispute the findings of other researchers
  4. Finalize the research question: You should analyze your research question on the basis of the following criteria before finalizing it:
  • Whether you have the abilities and necessary resources to gather information and conduct the research.
  • Whether the study interests not only you but also other scholars of your research community.
  • Whether the research advances knowledge in your study area, either by offering new perspectives or supporting earlier findings.
  • Whether the research question can be approved by the review boards and other competent authorities or, in other words, whether it is ethically sound.
  • Whether the research question is pertinent to your area of study and, preferably, to the public interest.


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