Is ectopic thyroid tissue cancerous?

Ectopic thyroid cancer (ETC) is primary thyroid cancer occurring in ectopic thyroid tissue, and its incidence rate is approximately 0.3%–0.5% of thyroid cancer. Only approximately 132 cases of ETC have been diagnosed and treated worldwide in the past 110 years, with most of them being adults.

What is the treatment for ectopic thyroid tissue? Patients with compressive symptoms, ulceration and bleeding, or suspected malignancy need to be treated with either excision surgery or targeted ablative therapies. The majority of patients will become hypothyroid after treatment, requiring lifelong hormone replacement therapy.

Is thyroid adenoma a cancer? An overgrowth of normal thyroid tissue is sometimes referred to as a thyroid adenoma. It’s unclear why this occurs, but it’s not cancerous and isn’t considered serious unless it causes bothersome symptoms from its size. Some thyroid adenomas lead to hyperthyroidism. Thyroid cyst.

The most common thyroid location in ectopic cases is the Lingual thyroid. Incomplete migration can lead to a high cervical thyroid, and excessive movement can lead to a superior mediastinal or even paracardiac location.

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