Targeting TUG1 gene to treat brain tumors and replication stress

Exciting breakthrough in cancer research! 🌟 Scientists have discovered a key link between cancer cells and replication stress, unveiling the role of Taurine Upregulated Gene 1 (TUG1). Targeting TUG1 with a drug, researchers developed TUG1-DDS, significantly controlling brain tumor growth in mice, particularly glioblastomas. Lead researcher Professor Yutaka Suzuki highlights the potential for therapeutic applications, emphasizing TUG1’s high expression in glioblastoma. Administering TUG1-DDS, especially in combination with temozolomide, showed promising results in suppressing tumor growth and improving survival. Understanding how cancer exploits cell processes like DNA replication, the study identifies TUG1’s role in regulating R-loops, crucial for genome stability. This breakthrough offers hope for effective treatment not only in glioblastomas but potentially in other cancers expressing TUG1, including pancreatic and ovarian cancers. A significant leap forward in the fight against aggressive brain tumors and beyond! 🧠🔬

Source: Brain tumor treatment by targeting TUG1, a gene that controls replication stress | ScienceDaily



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