Unlocking DNA’s data potential: conquering cost, speed, and synthesis barriers


Think of using DNA as a super small USB drive for storing information in the future. It’s like having a microscopic bookshelf with tons of books in each DNA strand. But, there are some tricky parts to work out. First, it’s a bit expensive to buy all the tiny ingredients for this DNA recipe. Reading and writing the information is also a bit slow, like waiting for a sloth to finish a race. And sometimes, when we’re putting together this DNA storage recipe, we might make mistakes, just like when you accidentally type the wrong letter in a text message.

To make this DNA storage idea amazing, scientists need to solve these challenges. They have to make sure the information stays safe and easy to get, like having a super-reliable bookshelf that never breaks. They’re working on making the recipe process faster and fixing the mistakes. If they can crack these puzzles, DNA could become a mind-blowing way to keep heaps of information in a teensy space for a really, really long time!

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