What is diabetic microangiopathy?

Capillary basement membrane thickness is one of the structural traits of diabetic microangiopathy. These changes may lead to tissue hypoxia and damage from occlusive angiopathy. Microangiopathy screening should start once the ailment has been present for five years and the child or adolescent has reached the age of ten.

What is included in diabetic microangiopathy?

Diabetic microangiopathy most commonly affects the kidneys, eyes, and peripheral nerves. among industrialized nations, diabetic retinopathy (DR), a microangiopathy of the retinal blood vessels, is the leading cause of blindness and visual loss among the working population.

What is the cause of macroangiopathy?

Although the exact cause of thrombotic microangiopathy is unknown, immunosuppressive drugs, particularly calcineurin inhibitors, infection, and chemoradiotherapy have all been linked to endothelial injury.

What are the characteristics of diabetic macroangiopathy?

Diabetic macroangiopathy is a specific kind of accelerated atherosclerosis characterized by tissue edema, increased capillary artery vascular permeability, and intra-plaque new vessel creation resulting from aberrant or excessive neovasculogenesis and angiogenesis. Atherosclerotic plaque is frequently caused by these conditions.

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