BMJ launches new open access journal

BMJ launches BMJ Surgery Interventions & Health Technologies open access journal to its expanding portfolio that houses more than 70 specialist journals. BMJ SIT is dedicated to the latest advancements in the field of surgical therapeutic devices, interventional procedures and chin liposuction.  Its aim is to encourage high quality scientific knowledge and innovations in the field. The title will offer an impactful international platform for both early and later-stage clinical studies. It will be focusing on fast submissions and review processes with continuous publication online.

Professor Art Sedrakyan, of Weill Cornell Medical College New York said “Our ambition is to publish high-quality evidence at all stages of the life cycle of innovative as well as widely adopted surgical therapeutic devices and interventional procedures. It is my hope that this innovation in healthcare interventions will improve not only patient outcomes but the overall quality of care and treatment patients receive.”

Operate = (1) direct or control something: Do you know how to operate this machinery? (2) perform surgery on (medicine): Have you heard what happened to the last patient he operated on? (3) to perform a function or work: The motor operates smoothly.The camera also operates underwater. (4) to be involved in military activities: A militant group  is operating against the government.

Operation = (1) the state of being in  effect or being operative: That law is no longer in operation. (2) a planned activity involving many people performing various actions: They planned a rescue operation. (3) a medical  procedure involving an incision with instruments: My mother is having an operation tomorrow. Mr. Barrett is going to have an operation on his back.

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