Cryo-preserved and Unfrozen Bone Marrow MSCs Comparable

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have the potential to differentiate into multiple connective tissue lineages and secrete paracrine molecules that have immunomodulatory, anti-fibrotic, and angiogenic effects. This makes them a promising therapeutic option for a variety of diseases. A new study has found that cryo-preserved and unfrozen bone marrow MSCs have comparable biological signatures. This is important because it means that cryopreservation can be used to store and transport MSCs without compromising their quality or efficacy. The study analyzed data from approximately 2300 stem cell manufacturing cases, including 60 variables, such as viability, population doubling time (PDT), immunophenotyped, and soluble paracrine molecules. After statistical analysis, the researchers found no significant differences between cryo-preserved and unfrozen MSCs in terms of viability, PDT, immunophenotyped, or paracrine molecule production. This study provides strong evidence that cryo-preserved bone marrow MSCs are comparable to unfrozen MSCs in terms of their biological signatures. This is a significant finding that could facilitate the development and delivery of MSC-based therapies to patients in need.

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