Tunneling Currents as a Probe for Flat-Band Systems in Two-Dimensional Materials

Flat-band systems in two-dimensional materials have recently attracted considerable interest due to their unique properties. However, the difficulties in electrically detecting the flat-band position in field-effect structures are slowing down the investigation of their properties. In this work, we use indium selenide (InSe) as a flat-band system due to a van Hove singularity at the valence-band edge in a few-layer form of the material without the requirement of a twist angle. We investigate tunneling photocurrents in gated few-layer InSe structures and relate them to ambipolar transport and photoluminescence measurements. We observe an appearance of a sharp change in tunneling mechanisms due to the presence of the van Hove singularity at the flat band. We further corroborate our findings by studying tunneling currents as a reliable probe for the flat-band position up to room temperature. Our results create an alternative approach to studying flat-band systems in heterostructures of two-dimensional materials. This could lead to the development of new optoelectronic devices based on flat-band systems.

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