Grammar & Punctuation – Clause components – Adverbial.

There remains one clause component that is much less straightforward: adverbials. These are words or phrases that answer question such as:
 Where?
Here down the road
 When?
Later after a few hours
 How?
Slowly with great difficulty
 Why?
For the sake of the children because of the bad weather.
In a small number of clauses the adverbial is an essential component, just like a verb or an object; they are required by the type of verb used:
 subject+verb+adverbial
They have been living on their savings.
 subject+verb+object+adverbial
I placed the book on the table.
If you remove the adverbial from these clause you destroy their grammar and leave questions unanswered:
 They have been living …
 How?
 On their savings.
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