Grammar – What is Determiner?

Determiners are small words used before nouns to tell you which one, or how many, or whose, and so on. For example: the man; a school girl; all people; every chance; no peace; some buttons; any information; both tigers; your friends; their money. What are now known as determiners were formerly sometimes (confusingly) included among adjectives since they turn up in front of nouns. But that is almost all they have in common with adjectives.
Many determiners look like pronouns. The word that in That idea’s daft is a determiner because it comes before the noun, but in That’s daft it is a pronoun because it is on its own as the subject of the sentence.
The two commonest determiners the and a/an are called ‘articles’. The is the definite article; it refers to a defined thing or person Bring me the chair (the one definite or specific or only chair). A/an is the indefinite article; the object or person it refers to is not defined – Bring me a chair (any chair will do).
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