How To Talk About Science And Scientists

A true scientist lives up to the etymological meaning of his title ‘one who knows’. Anything scientific is based on facts – observable facts that can be recorded, tested, checked, and verified.
Science, then, deals with human knowledge – as far as it has gone. It has gone very far indeed since the last century or two, when we stopped basing our thinking on guesses, wishes, theories that had no foundation in reality, and concepts of how the world ought to be; and instead began to explore the world as it was, and not only the world but the whole universe. From Galileo , who looked through the first telescope atop a tower in Pisa, Italy, Pasteur, who watched microbes through a microscope, to Einstein, who deciphered riddles of the universe by means of mathematics, we have at last began to fill in a few areas of ignorance.
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