Jigsaw Paragraph Puzzle

Rearrange the following seven sentences into the well-structured paragraph they originally formed. (Just to establish the context: in the book from which the paragraph is taken, the preceding paragraph had been discussing some of the differences between American and British pronunciation of vowel sounds.)
As cues, attend not just to the sense of each sentence,but to the ‘signposts’ as well –the linking words such as however or for example, and the pronoun it.

  1. As a result, southeastern English on the whole moves faster than American English, since there are fewer stresses.
  2. Northern English speech, however, is closer to American in movement than southeastern English is.
  3. In general, southeastern English uses more violent stress contrasts and a wider range of pitch than American does.
  4. This is the case, for example, with words ending in –ary, like military and temporary , where the American has a secondary stress on the third syllable.
  5. There are also differences between British and American English in stress and intonation.
  6. Where the Englishman gives a word one heavy stress and several very weak ones, the American often gives it a secondary stress on one of the weak syllables.
  7. And it tends to have more reduced vowels than American English (as in the third syllable of military).

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