New Study Reveals Limited Role of Opioids in Treating Low Back and Neck Pain

A recent study published in the Lancet medical journal has found that opioids, commonly prescribed for low back and neck pain, do not provide relief for acute pain lasting up to 12 weeks and can even worsen the condition. In Australia, around 40% of low back and neck pain patients visiting GPs and 70% of those visiting emergency departments receive opioid prescriptions. However, opioids come with a range of harms including side effects, dependency, and even death. The study recommends a change in prescribing practices to reduce opioid-related harms and highlights the need for non-drug treatments and alternative pain management strategies. Another study showcased successful reduction of opioid prescribing through education, patient awareness, and alternative treatments. Overall, the research emphasizes the limited role of opioids in managing acute low back and neck pain and the importance of implementing these findings into medical practice.


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