Origins – Plenty Of Rooms At The Top

The top of a mountain is called, as you know, the summit, a word derived from Latin summus, highest, which also gives us the mathematical term sum, as in addition. A consummate artist has reached the very highest point of perfection; and to consummate a marriage, a business deal, or a contract is, etymologically, to bring it to the highest point; that is, to put the final touches to it, to bring it to completion.
[Note how differently consummate, the adjective, can be pronounced, compared with the verb to consummate.]
Nouns are formed from adjectives by the addition of the noun suffix -nes: sweet – sweetness; simple – simpleness; envious – enviousness; etc.
Many adjectives, however, have alternate noun forms, and the adjective consummate is one of them. To make a noun out of consummate, add either -ness or -acy; consummateness or consummacy.
Verb ending in -ate invariably tack on the noun suffix -ion to form nouns: create – creation; evaluate – evaluation; etc.
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