Origins – To sleep or not to sleep

The root fero is found also in somniferous, carrying, hearing, or bringing sleep. So a somniferous lecture is so dull and boring that it is sleep-inducing.
Fero is combined with somnus, sleep, in somniferous.
Tack on the negative prefix in- to somnus to construct insomnia, the abnormal inability to fall asleep when sleep is required or desired. The unfortunate victim of this disability is an insomniac (in-SOM’-ni-ak), the adjective is insomniac or insomnious. (So -ous, is an adjective suffix.)
Add a different adjective suffix to somnus to derive somnolent, sleepy, drowsy.
Combine somnus with ambulo, to walk, and you have somnambulism, walking in one’s sleep.
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