Pulsed Field Ablation: A Safe and Effective Treatment for Women with AF


Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a heart rhythm that is irregular and typically very fast. Arrhythmia is the medical term for an irregular heartbeat. AF may result in blood clots in the heart. Additionally, the disease raises the risk of stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related issues. The top chambers of the heart, known as the atria, beat chaotically and erratically during atrial fibrillation. They do not beat in time with the lower heart chambers, known as the ventricles. Many persons with AF have no symptoms. However, AF might induce a rapid, pounding pulse, shortness of breath, or dizziness.

Good news for women with atrial fibrillation (AF)! A new study published in JAMA Cardiology found that PFA is a safe and effective treatment for AF in women, with outcomes just as good as men. PFA is a newer ablation technique that uses short, high-energy electrical pulses to target and destroy abnormal heart tissue. This is a more precise and less invasive procedure than traditional ablation techniques, which use heat or cold to destroy tissue.The study found that after one year, 76.3% of women who underwent PFA had no recurring atrial arrhythmia. Complication rates were also low, with only 2.5% of women experiencing a complication.These findings suggest that PFA is a promising new treatment option for women with AF.

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