The Last Hundred Years – New Industries

The great changes in the world over the last century or so have brought a further flood of new words into English. Many of these are associated with new fields of human activity and knowledge.
New Industries: Here the preference has been for extending the meaning of existing words.
X . Motor Industry: automobile, choke, clutch, coach, differential, knock, motor car, motorway, park (a car), petrol, radiator, saloon, spark plug, stall, transmission, truck, tune (an engine).
X . Media: 3-D, aerial, AM/FM/VHF, antenna, broad-cast, cartoon, cassette, cinema, close-up, fade-out, film, gramophone, loudspeaker, micro-phone, motion picture, movie, phonograph, projector, radio, reception, reel-to-reel, scenario, stereophonic, Technicolor, teleprompt, television, transmitter, vedio.
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