After the Lecture

  • At the end of the lecture, ask questions about points that you did not understand.
  • If the speaker begins to get off topic by telling a story, write it down anyway. Stories help people remember. The story might be related to what you are learning, and may even be on the test.
  • If it becomes apparent that he or she is trying to stress or emphasize something, be sure to get it down, maybe even a couple times.
  • Obviously, the teacher/professor will not write down everything he/she says. Listen for key points and important details that are not written down.
  • When students ask questions, write down the questions and the teacher/professor’s answers. This additional information might answer questions you have as well.
  • Revise your notes as quickly as possible, preferably immediately after the lecture, since at that time you will still remember a good deal of the lecture. Also it is a good idea to reread your notes within 24 hours of the lecture. It may be a good idea to rewrite or type your notes to make them clearer and more organized.
  • Revise it with a class mate or two. Two students see and hear more than one. Your notes will have different gaps than that of your class mates.
  • Review the lecture notes (again) before the next lecture.

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