Decoding the Colloidal Chemistry of MAPbI3 Perovskite Ink: The Role of 2-Methoxyethanol Solvent


Perovskite solar cells have emerged as a promising technology for next-generation photovoltaic devices due to their high-power conversion efficiency and low production cost. However, scaling up perovskite solar cell production remains a challenge, partly due to the complex colloidal chemistry of perovskite ink.

The Role of Solvent in Perovskite Ink:

Solvent plays a crucial role in determining the colloidal chemistry of perovskite ink and consequently, the properties of the perovskite film. 2-methoxyethanol (2-Me) has gained attention as a potential solvent for perovskite solar cells due to its fast evaporation rate and ability to form perovskite films without anti-solvent.

Investigating the Colloidal Chemistry of Perovskite Ink with 2-Me:

In a recent study, researchers delved into the colloidal chemistry of fresh and aged perovskite ink using 2-Me as the solvent. They discovered that the as-composed perovskite ink is characterized by weakly bonded I- ions and the existence of cluster complexes.

Key Findings:

•    Fresh perovskite ink exhibits weakly bonded I- ions that enhance the dissolution of methylammonium (MA+) ions and induce the formation of I3- ions in diluted or aged solutions.
•    Both iodoplumbate species and cluster complexes are dispersed by MA+ ions in the solution; however, iodoplumbate species transform to clusters upon aging.
•    These changes lead to increased crystal size and non-uniform coverage in the perovskite film.

Implications for Perovskite Solar Cell Optimization:

These findings provide valuable insights into the optimization of perovskite ink using 2-Me as the solvent. By controlling the aging process and understanding the interactions between solvent, ions, and cluster complexes, researchers can fine-tune the colloidal chemistry to achieve high-quality perovskite films with improved solar cell performance.

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