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Editing Overview

Editing Overview

ASetting the stage for the importance of editing in the realm of written communication. Introduction to the multifaceted nature of editing and its impact on clarity and effectiveness.


Thorough reading of manuscript.
Spotting all errors.
Review capitalization and punctuation.
Check for spelling, grammar, and typos.
Remove redundancies
Rectify improper word usage.

Substantive Editing

All included in Proof reading
Verify scientific terminology, units, symbols, and variables.
Rephrase & revise sentences for clarity and word choice.
Remove repetitions for logical presentation.
Editing by Subject matter expert

Extensive Substantive Editing

All included in Substantive Editing
Editing and review by two Subject matter expert
Rephrase & revise paragraphs for clarity and word choice.
Improve organization
Adjust writing style for consistency and logic
Fact-check statements for scientific accuracy.

Other Services

Language Translation
Copy editing
Thesis Editing
Dissertation Editing.
Book Editing
Manual Editing

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