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Boost your citations

Increase the visibility of your research. Boost your citations

ManuscriptEdit’s “Citation Booster” is here to help you reach a wider audience and boost the citation count for your manuscript. Explore below to discover how.


Stay Connected, Stay Cited.

Create visually appealing newsletters featuring your pictures and a publication link to your manuscript.
Personalized newsletters to keep the target audience updated about your groundbreaking research.
Target of 6000+ authors, scholars, and researchers with similar research interest.


Catchy, Concise, and Citable.

Prepare tweetable abstracts that showcase the essence of your study in a captivating manner.
Appropriate hashtags to boost visibility and relevance.

Simplified Abstract

Making Complexity Accessible

Tailoring your abstracts to make it comprehensible to non-experts and the general public
Transform your intricate scientific language into clear and straightforward terms without losing the core message of your study
Connect with a wider audience. Share your research with journalists, policymakers, and people beyond academia.

Scientific News Report

Unveil your research to the world

Comprehensive report to highlight the key aspect of your research.
600-700 words of concise yet informative summary of your manuscript

Social Media Platform

Amplify Your Impact.

Take your research to various social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and more
Connect with academicians, students, researchers, and universities worldwide
Reach a broader audience and garner more attention.

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