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Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Technical Writing is a specialized service offered by ManuscriptEdit, designed to help clients effectively communicate complex technical information to specific audiences. This service encompasses a wide range of documents, including user manuals, technical reports, instructional guides, software documentation, and whitepapers. ManuscriptEdit provides comprehensive support throughout the technical writing process, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and usability of the final documents.


A user needs to understand how to operate/use a specific product. Therefore, preparing a lucid, accurate and complete user-friendly documentation is the basic requirement in business. We are experts communicators, and understand what users look for in a technical documentation. Different audiences need different levels of information, perhaps in different formats. Beginning with an audience analysis, we provide the appropriate information in a format that a specific className of users will find appealing and useful. We will design, author, and illustrate all your end-user documentation in virtually any size and format for ready-to-print or online distribution.

Documents for marketing communications are mainly related to advertising, product promotion and marketing. We offer writing service for the following:

User manual
Online help
Product marketing collaterals

The quality of the product depends on the maturity of the process. Given our experience, we realized that inaccuracy, incompleteness, and inappropriateness for a specific audience are the most common problems of technical documentation. Years of experience has taught us the importance of planning the roadmap for documentation to achieve the desired quality standards. We provide writing service in the following areas:

Articles for technical journals
Annual reports
Software documentation
Process documentation
IT system documentation
Release notes

Documents for marketing communications are mainly related to advertising, product promotion and marketing. We offer writing service for the followings:

Product catalogue
Advertisements for your organization
Web content
orporate presentation
Case studies
Business proposal
During writing
Necessary clarification will be sought by our expert technical writers
Feedback on the 1st draft within 30 days of delivery

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- Ph.D in Cellular Biology, with a focus on Immunology - University of California, San Diego.

- Masters in Biotechnology - Texas A&M University.

- BSc in Microbiology with a Minor in Chemistry - Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

Dr. L B

- Dr. L B received his Master and Doctorate degrees from Indian Institute of Science (IISc),

- Bangalore, and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur in Metallurgy & Materials Science, respectively.

Dr. D L

- Ph.D. in Music Composition - Duke University

- M.A. in Music Composition - Copland Conservatory, City University of New York/Queens College

- B.A. in Piano Performance, Hampshire College

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- Ph.D in Microbiology and Immunology - Dalhousie University.

- BSc and MSc degrees in Microbiology - University of Guelph.

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