Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer four packages under "Publication Support" - Premium Plus, Premium, Advanced and Standard. Depending on your need either you choose one of them or we can also suggest. Publishing depends on many factors. The quality of research work is the most important criterion. Apart from this, journal's editors and reviewers take decision based on several other factors. For example, if the journal office receives two manuscripts related to the similar field, and if they have some rule that they can publish one article on a particular field per issue, then either they will suggest you to look for another journal or they will delay the publication. Therefore, we cannot guarantee publication if you avail our packages. However, the expert team at ManuscriptEdit will assist you to shape up your manuscript in such a way which maximizes the chance of publication.

  • Yes, under the "Target Journal Formatting" service we format your manuscript following the guidelines provided by the particular journal.

  • No, the correction or reformatting of artwork does not include in any of the packages. We have customized "Illustration and Enhancement Services" under which you can avail different services related to artwork.

  • Our "journal selection" team consists of mainly PhDs who has vast experience in publishing their own research work in various reputed journals. They are aware of different journals in a particular field, and their criteria of publishing, for example scope, target audience, impact factor, rejection rate, etc. They prepare a detailed journal selection report based on several factors and shortlist 5-6 journals which are best suited for your manuscript.

  • No, you cannot. At a time, you can submit your manuscript to a single journal.

  • When you ask for the quotation of specific writing service, we send you a questionnaire, which you need to fill up and return us. Our expert panel will review your answers and get back to you within 1-2 business day/s. Once the order is confirmed, our expert writer starts working on your manuscript. The writer may ask you for more information, if required. Writing at ManuscriptEdit is a collaborative work between our writer and the author. We periodically interact with the author during the course of writing either via E-mail or skype. This helps both the writer and the author whether the manuscript is going in the right direction.

  • Yes, expert writers at ManuscriptEdit have 5-10 years of writing experience, and many of them have published their own research work in reputed International journals. Therefore, they are aware of the guidelines of different writing and referencing styles such as, MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE.

  • Yes, we appreciate if you provide us with a rough outline. Since you have spent a lot of time doing the actual research work, you have better insights of the overall work. Hence, you are the best person to decide which results/section to emphasize or what are the limitations, etc. It will help you to have the desired manuscript, and the work becomes faster as well. Our writer will always assist you to make a quality manuscript.

  • Yes, you need to send us the reprints of the articles, if they are subscribed. We do not have subscription to journals. Recently, there are a lot of open-access journals, which are freely downloadable, and we will arrange them. However, for the subscribed journals we will request you to provide us the literature. If your university or organization does not have access to some particular journal, then only we will directly write to the authors requesting for a reprint.

  • Yes, you need to send us the interpretation of your findings. While sending any graph, data-table, figure, images, etc., please explain what these results indicate. We will polish the language.

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