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Latin vita, life, is the origins of:
1.Vital – essential to life; of crucial importance – a vital matter; also full of life, strength, vigour, etc.
2.Revitalize – revitalize is constructed from the prefix re-, again, back, the root vita, and the verb suffix.
3.The prefix de- has a number of meanings, one of which is essentially negative, as in defrost, decompose, declassify, etc.
4.Vitamin – one of the many nutritional elements on which life is dependent. Good eyesight requires vitamin A (found, for example, in carrots); strong bones need vitamin D (in sunlight and codliver oil); etc.
Vitalize, revitalize, and devitalize are used figuratively – for example, a programme or plan is vitalized, revitalized, or devitalized, according to how it’s handled.
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