Pronouns and Case – Myself and Other Selves.

The -self words have various more or less acceptable uses in English, including these:
X. as emphatic pronouns, as in Even he himself can’t say; I myself swim regularly. (Use such emphasis sparingly: many stylists dislike it.)
X. to indicate ‘on one’s own’ or ‘unaided’, as in I cooked dinner myself.
X. as reflexive pronouns, as in He hit himself on the thumb and Why do you talk to yourself?
They are also often used as a kind of personal pronoun, as in ?? Please read the documents and return them to ourselves and ? The matter will be decided between the Minister and myself. But this usage is considered to be incorrect – incorrect in that the -self words here do not ‘reflect’ back to previous words in the sentence.
When in doubt about using a -self word, prune the sentence down. If the ordinary personal pronoun will do, the -self form is inappropriate. If you can say We shall write to you (which you can), you cannot say:
??. We are in receipt of your letter of 25 November and, when we have studied its contents, shall make a decision and write back to yourselves.
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