Questions and Writing Ideas

By fostering curiosity, we can create a fountain of ideas. It doesn’t matter what form your writing takes or what genre you’re writing in. By coming up with intriguing questions, you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed with inspiration. Below are some questions that you can use to generate writing ideas. Mix them up, change them around, and come up with your own list of questions too:


  • Who is this story about?
  • Who does my main character trust?
  • Who in my life could inspire a poem?
  • Who does this character/person care about?


  • What are the characters goals?
  • What images do I want to create with a poem?
  • What related topics could be included in this project?
  • What motivates people to take drastic actions?


  • Where did it all begin?
  • Where will the characters end up?
  • Where does this story take place?
  • Where do these people want to be?


  • When does a child become an adult?
  • When did things change for this character?
  • When did this story take place?
  • When should this story end?


  • Why does this story matter?
  • Why did he/she do it?
  • Why would a person take a great risk?
  • Why are there stars in the sky?


  • How did the character land in this situation?
  • How will this story make people feel?
  • How do the characters know each other?
  • How far will the main character go to achieve the goal?

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