Iberoamericana Vervuert and De Gruyter coming together to support Spanish and Latin American Studies

Iberoamericana Vervuert and De Gruyter have joined hands for a commercial partnership for eBooks. They will be selling more than 1,500 front and backlist Iberoamericana Vervuert titles with De Gruyter’s significant Romance Studies publishing program. The partnership will result in an eBook collection for Romance Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies of over 3,000 titles. According to both, their goal is to support and develop Spanish and Latin American Studies globally.

Reference link: http://www.stm-publishing.com/de-gruyter-and-iberoamericana-vervuert-enter-commercial-partnership/

Peking University purchases linguistics and literature eBook package from De Gruyter Mouton

Peking University ventures to strengthen its growing linguistics program and expand its collection by acquiring the prestigious De Gruyter Mouton collection. The package includes 2,400 ebook titles (up to and including 2017). Professor Qian Jun, the Vice Director of Peking University’s School of Foreign Languages said “Access to De Gruyter Mouton content not only improves the quality of our resources, but allows our students and researchers to take part in the international academic discussion on linguistics.”