5 Steps for Publishing in a High-Quality Medical Journal

Scientific writing and publishing is a vital component of medical advancement. Publications are used to transmit new developments in human knowledge to the rest of the world. This knowledge must be accurate, valid, reproducible, and clinically valuable. Many ambitious physicians and scientists aspire to publish their work in high-impact publications.

 What are the Effective Steps for Publishing in a High-Quality Medical Journal?

Choose a Journal and Read the Journal’s Instructions.

It is critical to decide on authorship and the order of authors, including the corresponding author, ahead of time. 6 All authors listed on the final manuscript must have contributed substantially to the work to be held accountable and accept public accountability for the publication’s content. When preparing your paper, carefully observe the author guidelines, including the word limit and the number of tables and figures allowed. Many journals permit the submission of supplemental material as part of your publication, subject to the word count and figures/tables constraints.

Prepare the Manuscript

  • Organize the Manuscript – Begin by outlining the manuscript with this basic structure in mind. The first rough draft would be a list of crucial points to describe beneath each section and subsection.
  • Prepare the Manuscript – Pay attention when drafting the manuscript to avoid plagiarism (including self-plagiarism), fraud, and fabrication.
  • Colleagues should provide feedback and revise the manuscript – After completing the work, share it with co-authors and one or two non-author colleagues for criticism and feedback. Address and correct the English after revising to verify that your idea or ideas have been appropriately and fully communicated.


Submit the Manuscript

The majority of scientific journals now demand submissions be made through their websites. Most journals allow authors to propose reviewers who should and should not evaluate an article during the manuscript submission process. Such comments are beneficial to the editorial staff of the journals. Choose your title and keywords carefully so that readers can discover your paper. A brief cover letter that includes a two- to a three-sentence overview of the manuscript’s relevance might provide essential context to the editor.

Receive the Editor’s Communication and Revise the Manuscript

Acceptance of a paper as submitted is extremely rare. Do not be offended if your manuscript is rejected. In reality, only about one in every four articles is approved by a top journal. If adjustments are requested, it is critical to provide a thoughtful and respectful response to maximize the likelihood of later acceptance.

Resubmit the Manuscript

Include a cover letter to the editor with point-by-point responses to the reviewers’ remarks and ideas when submitting a revised manuscript, and address all complaints and suggestions as extensively as possible. It would help to highlight the Changes in the updated text to evaluate thoroughly.


To summarise, the process of publishing a manuscript in a high-impact journal begins with selecting an important question, designing a sound study with statistical power, carrying out the work with impeccable integrity and attention to detail, writing an excellent manuscript, submitting it to the appropriate journal, fully responding to reviewer comments, and completing the standard post-acceptance checks. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your paper published and visible to the rest of the world.


Tools to help scientists in writing more effectively and efficiently

Writing tools are new generation software that auto-correct mistakes incurred while penning scientific content so as u write hassle-free with the least focus on the rule of grammars. Improvisation of digital technology in conjugation to scientific writing has led to effective project and time management.


This utility app provides a database of numerous phrases that can become a part of project work, thesis, dissertation, and also manuscript. It is developed by The University Language Center of Manchester University.


The synonyms play an important role in effective writing, as it’s an easy replacement of a “not so-so word” with a more catchy and refined one, thereby driving the needed attention of the reader. The need for synonyms is more profound in the case of scientific content as it gives the desired richness to the content and assists the inflow of information in the manuscript. Therasus.com has a wide collection of synonyms and also highlights its relevance in terms of usage in a user-friendly format and thereby helps users to select appropriate “scientifically inclined English “rather than just English literature appropriate words.


It makes references and bibliography instantly in word, Google Docs. Zero to can make a repository of search items with keywords and can retrieve them in an appropriate place in the document while writing. You can also sync your file, document in Zero to and can retrieve it any time.


It’s a project management app. Trello has a board, list, and cards which together assist in managing tasks, meeting the timeline, checklist, and reporting among members in the project.


It is Google-derived writing assistance in spelling and grammar that can conjugate with any browser window. It underlines the mistakes in red color and suggests the corrections.


It can undertake live chats during writing sessions and provide an opportunity for the authors to edit the contents of the manuscript in real-time. The Manuscript or parts of it in the form of tables, figures all can be in one platform and hence provides an opportunity for collaborative writing. Documents can be submitted from latex and word and can be exported as latex, word, and PDF documents.


It’s a transcription-based app that helps researchers to record their ideas. It provided recording for the English language.


It assists as a schema to manage or organize the project in your browser. It helps in scheduling tasks on daily basis and can keep a track of assignments to be done in the coming 7 days.


It’s an online dictionary and can translate from 20 different languages to English. It’s a needed tool for non-native English users.


This app keeps us updated regarding the latest development in science. It is a platform that provides a collection of all upcoming publications and blogs based on your interest.


It can be used as a lab confined chatting platform to discuss or share important information among the members. It saves time utilized in writing an email and creates a scientific chat group to exchanges files among the users.

  • Apps for focus retention

Scientific writing demands enormous dedication and a focused approach as we say a bull’s-eye. Apps such as Forest, Focusmate, and cold Turkey provided the desired attention by filtering the distractors.

  • Cold turkey shuts down other background software and transforms the computer into a typewriter. You can decide whether u want to keep distraction at bay for a particular time period or till a certain word count has been achieved.
  • Focus mate is a virtual “social co-working platform” wherein you work aside from your focus mate silently for a predefined time frame, and are really not connected with the person except that u share your webcam or maybe a greeting at the beginning of the session.


The scientific content writing App provides the needed assistance in the context of grammar, arrangement of content, project management, sharing of ideas among team members and even helps us to keep updated with the new interventions in the field of science and technology.