How to Identify Peer-Reviewed Journals

Professors, as well as students, require peer-reviewed journals while doing research because they provide authentic information. These journals are scholarly and refereed, which is why academicians look for them for publication. Authors write their papers, and expert reviewers assess them to maintain their quality. Usually, the reviewers do not know the article’s authors. Therefore, the acceptance of a paper depends on its quality and not the identity of either the author or editor, leaving no scope for bias.

Different Ways of Searching Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • One can restrict article searches in some databases to only those published in peer-reviewed journals. Not all databases have this feature, and in that case, a scholar has to search peer-reviewed journals manually.
  • If the above method does not work, then the journal should be browsed online. The latest issue of the journal that carries an entire year’s papers should be searched. The publication information of that issue might contain information regarding peer review.
  • If the journal clearly says it is peer-reviewed, then the search ends here; if not, the author has to look for hints like the journal asks for multiple copies of a paper, technical terms are used, standard formats for different types of papers have been maintained, the references are cited properly where they should be in the published articles. These are features of a peer-reviewed journal. However, it cannot be certainly said that it is a peer-reviewed journal.
  • The designated websites of the journals clearly state whether they are peer-reviewed or not.
  • If the above methods are unable to tell about the peer review status of a journal, a scholar can reach out to the journal via mail or call. The contact details can be found on the journal website.


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