How Publication support services help R&D growth

publication support service
Research and Development (R&D) is an intrinsic part of government departments, corporations, organizations, institutions, and even candidatures (as amply demonstrated in the recent U.S. elections). This is because R&D is the driver of growth, innovation, and image-building, irrespective of the industry or sphere of activity. However, it is also crucial for R&D initiatives and findings to be disseminated seamlessly, both within and outside the organization or department, to enable further iterations and continually improve the research findings and the resultant products or services. Publications provide that avenue of expression.

Therefore, it is almost inevitable that R&D teams across industries fall back on expert publication support services to maximize the impact of their R&D findings. An effective publication service provider helps accomplish this goal in several ways.

Publication services play the role of the enabler

R&D is a continuous process for which companies, governments, and institutions invest heavily in terms of human resources and finance. However, even the best of R&D innovations are rendered impotent unless they are backed by an effective platform to document the findings related to, say, a product, a research, or a service. A publication service can organize and channelize the findings with great impact and bring them to world notice. In other words, it acts as a footbridge to draw global attention to your R&D findings in many arenas and types of study.

Publication services for statistical R&D studies

R&D often involves data analyses involving tons of facts and figures. While an R&D team is well-equipped to analyze such data and draw conclusions, they often find it difficult to present the statistical data in a coherent and well-formatted manner for easy understanding. That’s where a publication service can step in effectively.

Publication services for technical and scientific studies

A publication service can enrich your technical R&D studies with the necessary illustrations and animations to blend with your research. It could be a manual you are developing for your R&D team, a report on findings, or a working paper on an ongoing research—all such R&D projects need to be published and disseminated quickly among all stakeholders. If you have the backing of a publication service with some domain knowledge of your industry, it would be as simple as the proverbial “cakewalk.”

Publication services for localization of your R&D projects

In today’s globalized economy, companies and institutions have a stake in many countries. It is therefore critical to share R&D findings at one unit with other units, but linguistic barriers inhibit information sharing. However, a publication service can localize your R&D findings in various languages through their translation services. That not only sustains R&D activities across the world, but also contributes to their growth.

Publication services for R&D newsletters and periodicals

Many corporations and institutions that have a strong R&D arm believe in declaring recent trends in research and building on those trends. A periodic newsletter is an ideal tool, provided it has high professional and production value added by a publication service.

R&D publications: Beyond business

Contrary to popular notion, R&D is not the exclusive domain of business entities. It plays a vital role in image building too. A robust R&D team, backed by effective media publications, can help give shape and stature to the public perception of a political party or leader. Not surprisingly, political parties across the board not only employ a powerful R&D team, but also a strong publication service to go with it.

The recent U.S. presidential election is a case in point. Although it was perhaps the most divisive election ever in American history, it had an unlikely winner in Donald Trump. Many discounted him early on, but in hindsight, analysts credit his victory to the strong research team that worked on his behalf and the endorsement of his candidature by several publications. Hillary Clinton might have got more media endorsements, but Trump’s R&D team, backed by endorsements from The National Enquirer, The New York Observerand The New York Post seem to have propelled the real estate mogul-turned politician into the White House.

It all goes to show that the right R&D ingredients, along with a strong publication service, can lead to a strong brew.

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