You Can Increase Your Vocabulary

The more extensive your vocabulary, the better your chances of success, other things being equal – success in attaining your educational goals, success in moving ahead in your business or professional career, success in achieving your intellectual potential.

And you can increase your vocabulary – faster and more easily than you may realize.

You can, in fact, accomplish a tremendous gain in less than two to three months of concentrated effort, even if you do only one session a day – in less time if you do two or more sessions a day.

Furthermore –

You can start improving your vocabulary immediately – and within a few days you can be cruising along at such a rapid rate that there will be an actual change in your thinking, in your ability to express your thoughts, and in your powers of understanding.

Does this sound as if I am promising you the whole world in a neat package with a pretty pink ribbon tied around it? I am. And I am willing to make such an unqualified promise because I have seen what happens to those of my students who make sincere, methodical efforts to learn more, many more, words.

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