1 Addressing your queries

  • Your queries acknowledged by the Client Relationship Executive
  • Queries are forwarded to the subject matter expert
  • Pre-requisites and details of related services appropriate to your needs are conveyed to you

2 Confirmation of your Order

  • You make the payment and confirm the service
  • You provide the relevant documents
  • Our team acknowledges the receipt of all documents and rechecks for any missing information

3 Assignment of Order

  • The chief editor designates one of the subject matter experts to deal with the paper
  • The subject expert does an in-depth study on the paper for understanding the client's requirement
  • The real work on the paper begins as per the preferred service of the client

4 Review in Progress

  • A team of experienced associate editors do the first round of review rechecking the language and its confirmation with the target journal guidelines/instructions provided by the client
  • The chief editor ensures the paper is error free to maximum extent and does the second round of review

5 Delivering the Polished Paper

  • All documents are rechecked for any missing information or files
  • Final paper and related documents are conveyed to the client for feedback

6 Answering Feedbacks

  • Scope for re-editing or modifications in the paper based on the client's feedback
  • Rework starts after immediate acknowledgement to the client's concerns
  • The concerned subject expert validates the incorporated changes required at the client's end
  • The final re-edited paper undergoes the complete rounds of quality check, taking the client a step closer to reaching their publication goals.