What are the good Research Topics for various Journals?

Finding a decent topic for the Journal to write about can be one of the most difficult aspects of writing a research paper. This article focuses on five different Research Topics, namely Animal Rights,

Art & art history, Computer Science, Business Studies, and English Literature.

Animal Rights

An animal rights research paper is usually created to demonstrate how humans exploit animals and violate their rights.

  • Preventing animals from being used in Laboratories
  • Animals’ right to be treated with respect – Relevance and Significance
  • What methods should be used to test compounds that may be detrimental to human health?
  • Would advancements in disease treatments have been conceivable without the use of animals? 


Art & Art History

Without delving too deeply into symbols and artists’ ideas, it’s good to conduct detailed research and present accurate facts. Various tools are available to learn more about art history and make studies easier.

  • The Evolution of Art Fairs
  • Comparison of Egyptian and Mesoamerican Pyramids
  • What Makes the Most Famous Conceptual Art Works So Special?
  • How Did Pop Art and the Use of Everyday Objects in Art Be Influenced by Cultural Attitudes?


Computer Science

Every day, technology improves and shrinks in size. A smartphone in the pocket can be as powerful as a laptop. Without question, the advancement of computer science is shaping our future. It’s difficult to count the number of technology and computer science research areas. The most crucial of these, though, is easy to identify.

  • How do Artificial Neural Networks work?
  • Computer Vision using Artificial Intelligence
  • What is the link between The IoT and AI?
  • Why are there so many different Programming Languages?


Business Studies

Business research papers are essential for aspiring company executives and entrepreneurs obtaining a business degree. They can assist in better understanding fundamental economic principles, numerous markets, operational logistics, global events, financial management, and their effects on the worldwide economy. In case you are having problems handling your finances and you are going bankrupt, here you can  The Pope Firm in Tennessee for legal help.

  • Diverse countries have different business cultures.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of Outsourcing in Business
  • What exactly is Consumerism Culture?
  • How Small are Businesses important as a foundation for economics?


English Literature

When it comes to English Literature, the topics you can explore in the novels are virtually endless. Starting wide and making it more particular and engaging for your readers is the easiest way to develop a study topic for your next English literature essay.

  • How is literature used as a propaganda tool?
  • Mythology as a form of literature
  • Shakespeare’s writings
  • In literature, irony and sarcasm are common.



The most obvious choice is to focus on a certain literary style. Classifying literature works, looking for common characteristics that signal that the piece belongs to a specific class, and identifying these characteristics can be challenging, especially when some contested results may or may not belong to this style. However, if you are passionate about the subject of your research, it may be gratifying because you may be surprised to find a plethora of books written in your preferred style.

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