Let Your Writing Be Reader-centric

For creating reader centric, influential writing always have the following rules uppermost in your mind:

  • When you write to technical journals and magazines, assume minimum technical knowledge on the part of the readers and accordingly use technical words and jargon;
  • When you write to teach through such publications, use technical words and jargon but always remember to add suitable foot-notes;
  • If you are writing general articles or doing some feature writing meant for a heterogeneous readership, avoid exhibitionist tendencies and make your writing as interesting as possible. While on this, assume only an average educational standard on the part of majority of the readers and be discreet in the choice of your words and expressions. Do appreciate that when it comes to reading, unlike an intellectual, an average reader lacks flexibility to alternate between a high and mediocre standard of writing;
  • Never indulge in Latin words or in outdated words and expressions or for that matter in uncommon idioms. More importantly, if you are not a native speaker of English, do not try to translate idioms or expressions in vogue into English. Remember that every language has its own style and so whatever the language you are writing in, first imbibe the true spirit of the particular language and
  • Finally, never forget that reading as distinguished from listening is more tedious and hence go all out to help the readers sustain their interest in your writing with attractive paragraph headings wherever you can.

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