As novice Ph.D. research scholars or researchers, we encounter terms such as “Quartiles,” “Q1 Journal,” “Q2”, “Q3,” and “Q4”. Here we explain Quartiles, their types, and their implications as a journal metric.

What is a QUARTILE and Q index?

Quartile is a journal rank assigned by journal databases based on three major parameters – impact factor (IF), citation, and indexing of any particular journal. There are four journal rank types: Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q index means the journal’s rank, i.e., the four rankings to which the journal belongs.

How are Journals classified as Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4?

The indexing agency classifies the journals based on the number and quality of their citations. The impact factor of a journal is considered in this process, that is, an average citation of an article published for any journal within the last year or two years in their respective domain. Thus, the quartile of a journal is calculated based on the quotient of the journal in a particular category (For example, X) and the total number of journals in the subject domain (Y) that give rise to X/Y, which is the percentile rank.

Here, Z is the percentile rank of the journal.

How to interpret the Z rankings?

Quartile 1(Q1) – The first 25% of any journal in a particular subject or domain is placed in Quartile 1.

Quartile 2 (Q2) – The next 25-50% of the journals that can be categorized as good quality are placed in Quartile 2.

Quartile 3 (Q3) – The next set of journals accounting for the next 25% (i.e., 50-75%) are placed in Quartile 3 group.

Quartile 4 (Q4) – The last journals accounting for the last 25% (75-100%) in any particular domain are placed in this quartile.

How to decide which Quartile to choose?

While everyone will wish to publish in Q1 or Q2 journal, applying an unbiased analysis to your research paper is necessary. Journal quartile rankings can either improve or degrade in a period. Evaluating your research quality against the journal’s published articles last year, the scope of the journal, and the domain can give you a fair idea about which quartile journal to target.

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