Should you publish your paper in a National Journal?

Scholars worldwide make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the STEM fields by publishing their research work in academic journals. Academic journals can be classified into two types of journals – National and International.

National Journals – As the name suggests, National Journals are published in a particular nation, in their own local (non-English) language comprising papers with domestic studies. These journals present a regional perspective, which is not important to the global audience.

International Journals – International Journals generally consist of International, World, or Global in their names and mostly publish articles in English from all over the world. Scholars prefer these journals as they have a major scientific impact.

Importance of Publishing in a National Journal

  • A national journal’s ability to offer a platform for publishing research findings that are more pertinent to domestic populations is one of its primary purposes. This improves the probability of research dissemination on subjects of regional or local interest.
  • These journals benefit scholars who are not much fluent in English but are proficient in their regional language to stay up-to-date with the newest findings.
  • Research related to local health studies and everyday medical practice is more significant in the domestic areas.
  • Publishing in national journals facilitates the exploration of local problems and their solutions and connects regional medical practice with cutting-edge research.

How to select the right national journal?

Choosing the right national journal to publish your articles depends on the research area or topic of the study.

To select the right journal, you can go through the journal’s homepage and check for –

  • Scope – The foremost is to choose a national journal that comes under the paper’s scope. This will increase the acceptance chances of the paper more.
  • Previously Published Articles – The journal’s standard can be estimated from the type of papers it has published. Make sure to look out for high-quality articles following a proper publishing timeline.
  • Indexing – Check for the indexing of the journal. Journals indexed in prestigious databases have a higher reach, making your paper more discoverable.
  • Peer-review process – The journal follows a rigorous standardized peer-review process.
  • Citations by International Researchers – International researchers cite the journal’s listed papers, showing the impact of the journal.


Publishing your article in a National Journal will be much more beneficial and discoverable when the research topic of your article revolves around the geographic or regional area.

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