Audience Considerations

It is important to consider the audience and your purpose while choosing your style of writing. If you are writing for complete outsiders or novices, then your text should include definitions and detailed explanations. If writing on delicate or controversial issues, then make sure your content is not loaded with any offensive connotations. Sometimes, it is not possible to quantify a situation precisely. In this case, use means or averages.

While reading others writings, analyze and understand the texts that flatter or offend you and accordingly, use these insights in your own writing. If your audience includes the general public, then take special care about the visual aspect of the document. Research on audience response shows that people tend to read those articles that are not cluttered. So make sure your document is presented neatly without any over-crowding of words. In all cases, choose a style which supports your purpose and which makes reading understandable for your targeted audience.

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