Awake is used mainly as an adjective: (1) Not in a state of sleeping; waking; completely conscious: ‘It is going to ten o’clock and the children are still awake.’ (2) Mentally perceptive and responsive; alert; vigilant: ‘They are awake to the impending dangers.’

As a verb, awake (WITHOUT up) is used only in literary styles: (1) To wake up: ‘I awoke to the sound of church bell.’ (2) To rouse to action; become active; to stir up something: ‘His speech awoke my interest in politics.’ (3) To come or bring to an awareness (often followed by to): ‘She awoke to the realities of life.’

The usual verb is wake up: ‘She told me that she keeps waking up in the middle of the night.’ ‘I was woken up by a loud whistling noise.’

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