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Adjectives are words that refers to the qualities of people, things, or ideas, or which group them into classes.
 Most adjectives can be used with a noun and usually come immediately before it in the sentence:
a blue flower
a slow train
 When adjectives are used in this way they are said to MODIFY the noun: this use is called ATTRIBUTIVE.
 Most adjectives can be used after verbs like be, seem, appear in sentences like this:
The test was positive.
 In such sentences the adjective forms the COMPLEMENT of the sentence and completes the meaning of the sentence SUBJECT.
This use is called PREDICATIVE.
 Many adjectives can be GRADED by adding a modifier before or after them:
a very slow grower
 Many adjectives have a comparative and a superlative form:
sad sadder saddest
unusual more unusual most unusual.
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