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The commonest titles used in addresses are:
Miss Mr Mrs Ms
Mr and Mrs are straightforward to use. Mr is used for all men who have no other title, while Mrs is used for married women, Women who are not married can be addressed in letters as Miss, but some women prefer Ms. A number of married women also prefer to be addressed as Ms. If you are in a situation where you do not know the preferences of the person you are writing to, then it is safest to use Mrs for married women and Ms for unmarried women.
Increasingly, however, these forms of address are omitted; instead many people prefer to use a first name followed by a surname. The title Miss particularly is much less used than it was in the past.
The commonest professional title is Dr for doctors (both medical doctors and people who have a higher university degree). Members of the clergy are addressed as The Reverend, abbreviated to Revd (or Rev.).
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