“Anyhow” and “anyway” are used to connect sentences only in informal styles (Not in essays, written reports, etc). Their main uses are: (1) to show that you are about to return to the main topic or story line: ‘Anyway, as soon as the plane landed he was rushed off to hospital and that was the last I saw of him,’ (2) to show that your next point is just as important or relevant as your last one; ‘Anyway, I’m too busy to play tennis this afternoon’. ‘Anyhow, it looks like it’s going to rain.’

As a conjunction, “anyhow” means the same as “anyway”, that is, in any case: ‘We were late, anyway the film wasn’t very good.’

As an adverb, “anyhow” means in whatever way or manner, nevertheless, carelessly: ‘I’ll cook it anyhow you like.’ (In whatever manner) ‘It sounds crazy, but I believe it anyhow.’ (Nevertheless)

‘She had her hat on all anyhow, her hat was not straight.’ (Carelessly)

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